The Iberostar Foundation has set up a fund to support and protect children in situations of emergency and to provide humanitarian aid, allocating €200,000 for SAVE THE CHILDREN projects in various countries. Following the signing of this agreement, the Iberostar Foundation is now one of SAVE THE CHILDREN España’s top ten partners, and is the first private organisation to set up a fund to cover possible future emergencies that may occur and in which aid in the first 24 or 48 hours is crucial.   

This fund is an innovative instrument for the provision of emergency aid as it guarantees the availability of resources and a rapid response in the event of unexpected emergencies such as natural disasters. Should these not occur, the fund can also contribute to providing ongoing active relief for emergencies that extend over time. In such cases, where education and training are vital, the fund allows work to continue with the very young, as schooling brings with it guarantees of protection, food, health and opportunities for the future.   


In 2017, the Iberostar FOUNDATION’s Emergency Fund provided support for SAVE THE CHILDREN projects created to aid the Syrian refugee crisis, providing immediate relief for thousands of children and displaced families in danger.  

Furthermore, in September 2017 and in the wake of the natural disasters caused by the devastating hurricanes Irma and María, as well as the earthquakes that shook Mexico on 7th and 19th September, money from the fund was used to support SAVE THE CHILDREN actions to detect the victims’ immediate needs and distribute essential items. Efforts were also centred on providing shelter for families that had lost their homes and to create safe spaces for children. In terms of education, support was also provided for SAVE THE CHILDREN’s work to ensure girls’ and boys’ education was not affected and that they were able to attend school.