Within the framework of the ‘Early Childhood Development’ programme set up by UNICEF in Cuba, the Iberostar FOUNDATION took part in the renovation of 10 ‘Children’s Circles’ that were seriously affected by the 2010 earthquakes and Hurricane Sandy in 2012 that hit the province of Santiago de Cuba and prevented these organisations from running as normal.   

‘Children’s Circles’ are education centres attended by children up to 6 years of age. The facilities provide integral schooling as well as basic health, protection and nutrition services for the children of working mothers.

Rehabilitation work in each centre included a series of visits to assess the damage caused, the design and execution of the alterations and repairs and supervision of the work carried out. The programme included the renewal of the hydraulic networks, the electrical connections, as well as the wood and paint work in each centre.    

Each renovation contributed directly to the creation of safe spaces for the children as well as substantial improvements to the centres’ sanitary conditions. This also meant that the circle staff now have a more suitable working environment.  


The ten renovated centres in the province of Santiago de Cuba were as follows:  Edad de Oro, Espiguitas, Los dos príncipes, Las abejitas laboriosas, Mis Zapaticos, Zapatico de Rosa, La bailarina española, Sombrerito de pluma, Yeyé and Alegre Amanecer. The Iberostar Foundation contributed €294,038 to the project, which helped 1,974 children and their families in the region.